Two people were killed in Union Gap on Monday, July 4 and a homicide investigation is underway. Authorities say they were called to a home in the 1100 block of Whatcom Street in Union Gap at about 10:30 pm Monday. Police say they were called by family members who had stopped to check on their grandparents but found the couple "had been critically injured and were unresponsive."

Paramedics found the two victims and pronounced them dead at the scene

Officers called paramedics and both family members were pronounced dead at the scene. The two victims have been identified as 84-year-old Jose Navarro and 87-year-old Rafaela Guzman Navarro. The case is being handled as a homicide. Police aren't saying how the two were killed but KIT News has learned at least one of the victims may have been beaten with a chair in the home.

Police are looking for clues hoping to soon make an arrest

No arrests have been made. Detectives with the Union Gap Police Department are now searching for clues in the homicide and trying to figure out who was the last person that saw the two alive on Monday. The investigation is underway as police hope for tips that could lead them to more answers and an arrest or arrests.
If you can help contact the Union Gap Police Department at 509-248-0430.

Union Gap Police are still helping prosecutors with another homicide

Police in Union Gap are still helping prosecutors in another homicide reported in May in which A 37-year-old man from Union Gap killed a woman after a domestic dispute in his vehicle. Union Gap Police say Christopher Havins is responsible for the death of  39-year-old Nicole Haggerty. According to a witness the two were fighting in a vehicle in the 1800 block of Rainier Place near Valley Mall in Union Gap on May 17 when Haggerty was ejected from the vehicle, dragged and eventually run over.
Haggerty died at a Yakima hospital. Along with the second-degree murder charge Havins also faces charges of unlawful imprisonment, hit-and-run , vehicular homicide and fourth-degree assault-domestic violence.

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