The July 4 double homicide in Union Gap remains the number one priority of the Union Gap Police Department. Union Gap Police Lt. Stace Mckinley says "our detectives division has been working on the case nonstop." He says they've sent potential evidence to the state crime lab and are now awaiting the results. Unfortunately McKinley says they don’t have any new breakthroughs at this point.

The couple was found by family members on the 4th of July

Authorities won't say whether or not the killings were random or if the killer or killers may have known the couple. Yakima County Coroner Jim Curtice says it was a brutal slaying saying 84-year-old Jose Navarro and 87-year-old Rafaela Guzman Navarro were beat to death inside their Union Gap Home. The couple was found dead by family members who had stopped to check on them late on the 4th of July.

Detectives have been working all angles and are hoping for tips

Detectives have been talking to people who were last seen with the couple before they were found by family members who had stopped at the home to check on the couple. McKinley says they're working all aspects of the case hoping for a breakthrough soon that will lead to an arrest.

Call detectives Today with your clues or call crimestoppers

Detectives know someone knows something they haven't told police. You can call in your tips anonymously to Yakima County Crime Stoppers at 800-248-9980.
You can also contact the Union Gap Police Department at 509-248-0430.

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