Voles are like mice ... only they aren't mice. They are little rodents with no tails.  They tunnel and can destroy yards. That's exactly what happened to my yard during the snow this past winter.

I was aware of the voles in my yard last summer, so I set up traps here and there. It wasn't a HUGE issue. I figured with the snowfall we had this last winter, they'd have been killed off and I'd be vole-free this spring. BOY, WAS I WRONG! Those little sh*ts tunneled under the snow through my grass. You can see in the picture what looks like veins on a bat wing. Those lines are -- or were -- little tunnels under the snow. This is normally nice green grass.

This is just a small section of my damaged lawn ...


We mentioned the issue on-air, and got some good advice. Everything from vole poison to vibrating sticks. What did you do to control a vole issue? Please email me at Gunner@929TheBull.com or message/comment on the Bull Facebook page. Or via the new chat on our app!



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