**Disclaimer: This is simply advice on how I did it. This in no way is a guarantee or promise that you'll make money. Investments are risky. You could LOSE money. I haven't made much money in it yet. Just showing you how I invested in Bitcoin, Ehereum & Litecoin**

I'll preface this with saying that I'm am an absolute investing rookie. Just like you, I heard about the Bitcoin craze and the insane amounts of money people were making and I wanted in! But it was super confusing to me ... I mean, what the heck is a Bitcoin? When I think of investing, I think of Wall Street and trading stocks. If I wanted to invest in Apple, I'd go to a stock trading website, open an account, and buy Apple stock.

Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) is different. It's a digital currency. The value hasn't gone insanely crazy as of late as it did back in November/December 2017, but some people are still buying in.

I'm still intrigued and wanted in! First thing I did was open an account at Coinbase. You can do that by downloading the app & signing up.


They'll ask for personal information, which I provided. It's a form of security and to verify that it is actually you. Once you are in you can fund your account by linking to your bank account or credit card and purchase Bitcoin. There is also other digital currency you can buy. There's now Bitcoin Cash(BTC), Ehereum(ETH), and Litecoin(LTC).


The prices shown are PER. With Bitcoin at $14,000+, you can buy a percentage. If you only want to put $100 in, you can. Same goes for BCH, ETH and LTC.

I would encourage you to do research and determine for yourself what is best to invest in. Again, I am in no way an expert and cannot coach or teach on the proper products to invest in. It's a risk. It's a gamble.

This was simply a how-to on how to get started. Good luck!

If you have any questions or tips, feel free to email me: Gunner@929TheBull.com