One day when I was in my dorm supposed to be writing a paper for my film and video studies class I decided to flip through and I "stumbled upon" this website. It's called The Wilderness Downtown. You get to the homepage and towards the bottom and it asks for you to type in the address of the home where you grew up and after a few seconds of loading it will generate a video showing satellite images of the house where you grew up in. Plus you'll be able to send a postcard to your former self halfway through the video. I showed this site to a co-worker and she loved it! She's from New Mexico and hasn't seen her home in years because she's been in Washington, so she loved that she could go back to her childhood.

Several windows will pop up but they are all part of the video so don't click on them or close out of them and once the video's over they will exit out on their own. I use a Google Chrome as a browser and it works fantastically with this video, however I'm not sure how it will operate on other browsers but I would give it a shot anyway.

Here's the link again for the site: What did you think of it? Does your neighborhood still look the same?

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