I'm one of those folks who didn't buy a discover pass for the state parks but the good news is that every year, there are designated free state park days that you and your family can attend without a pass.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has announced that Sunday, Jan. 15 and Monday, Jan. 16 are the next state parks free days and you won't be required to display the Discover Pass for a day visit at the state parks.

The Discover Pass is a $30 annual or $10 one-day permit required on lands managed by Washington State Parks and the Washington departments and you can purchase the pass as part of your yearly car tab registration but The Discover Pass legislation provided that State Parks could designate up to 12 free days each year when the pass would not be required to visit state parks.

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State Parks hopes the free days will encourage people to get out and discover a new park or revisit an old favorite and then consider supporting recreation on state lands by purchasing a Discover Pass.

It should be noted that free days do not apply to Sno-Parks.

You can get more details on the free state parks days at Free Days At State Parks

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