Yakima certainly had a white Christmas this year and more snow for the region is being forecast. While we're not expected to get more than a dusting in the next few days, 5 to 6 more inches of snow is likely to fall in the mountain passes by the New Year.

Were you ready for the snow? Was your shovel handy? My wife anticipated the frozen precipitation and gave me a snowthrower for Christmas. I barely had time to get it out of the box and assembled before the snow began to fall on Christmas Day.

Grandkids visiting from Seattle were tired of being couped-up in the house and with a yard covered in a sea of white, it seemed the only thing to do was don some boots, hats, gloves, and get out there and build a snowman. Neither of the kids, ages 5 and 7, had ever built a snowman and were primarily acquainted with the frosty creatures from movies like 'Frozen'.

The heavy, wet, snow that fell in Yakima was perfect for snowballs and snowmen as it packed nicely and really almost built itself. The planning stage included a decision to roll the lower portion of the snowman to its fullest size coming to rest near the edge of the yard so that it would be visible to passersby.

Next, the slightly smaller middle portion was rolled up and lifted upon the lower portion, and snow was carefully packed around to make sure things were stable. The head was next and of course, proportionately smaller, and we crafted a cone-shape to the top of the head so that the Seahawks stocking cap would rest upon it properly.

Then, a scarf, which had been hanging in my closet for the past few years, found its way around the snowman's neck. In keeping with 2020 themes, we agreed that a facemask was appropriate (this one was a fashionable 92.9 The Bull facemask). This also eliminated the need to find the perfect nose and mouth, so, win-win. The mask and scarf were secured using wooden skewers.

Arms made of fallen birch branches, black gloves, and eyes fashioned from the lids to a couple of multivitamin bottles with sharpie art - and Voila! A Snowman for 2020.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

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