It was teased on social media for a while, but now it's a reality. If you're looking for a new quick breakfast stop, Wendy's at Rainier Square now serves breakfast.

This started on February 24, 2020 so it's still pretty fresh.

They offer a usual variety of fast food-type selections to go. A lot of breakfast sandwiches and a few other items. I grabbed a honey butter chicken biscuit which was fine. Not fantastic but not terrible. It got the job done.

At least it's another option. For as many shops Rainier Square has, there really isn't a breakfast diner. We've had Burger King and there is a Starbucks that has a few things they'll happily toast or microwave for you. And there's Jamba Juice if you wanna drink your breakfast (I do love me some Jamba Juice) but would be great if Rainier Square had a Denny's or Shari's or something like that. (bring back IHOP, please!)

I'm interesting in trying other items on the menu next time I'm driving by during that morning rush.

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