On the Bull Facebook page we asked you what you had on the grill over the weekend and I salivating over the answers. Melissa said she was taking on the Pork Chop, Michael said T-Bone Steak and Cindy threw us a curve ball with her Smoked Brisket...Yum! With this beautiful weather it's nice to get outside and fire up that Grill, with that said I'll give you my special recipe for grilling tips to make really good food.


Tip 1: Don't turn up the Grill to High, I've burnt many chicken breasts that were pink in the middle and black on the outside. Low temp and the slow grilling method work best
Tip 2: Don't over season, I once put too much seasoning on the meat and made more salty than beef jerky. Yuck!
Tip 3: Get it off the Grill and onto the plate ASAP...there is nothing worse than over done cardboard meat. Move fast to get it to your guest fresh.

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