My niece Carly was studying for finals at YVCC yesterday when she decided to take a little break and grab some apple juice.

This apple juice break turned into a computer tragedy. Yes ... she spilled her glass of apple juice on her laptop, which contains all her notes for finals to study. Her mom (Kym) was at work, but luckily we live right next door. Her mom called me asking if we had any rice. Huh?

She then explained what Carly did and that Best Buy said to put it in rice. She asked if I could run Carly to Best Buy so that they could try to at least extract the information she needed for finals.

Never fear, Carly!! Aunt Michele to the rescue!

Like a speeding bullet I ran next door with my big Costco box of rice in hand, ready to sprinkle it all over the wet laptop. I know about putting a wet cellphone in a bag of rice overnight, but the laptop was too large for even my gallon Ziploc bags. I opted for a pan, spread the rice all over the bottom and placed the laptop in the bed of rice.

We rushed the flatlining patient to Best Buy, where they unfortunately didn't have the right part to extract the information.

Now this has me asking myself if I could have done anything different to help save the dying patient?

Do you know any tricks to save a laptop that's been doused with liquid?

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