It was one of the first things I observed when I hit town. It seemed like such a waste.

That big house all boarded up on the corner of 48th & Nob Hill in Yakima. It seems a shame as this property is in a corner lot and looks like it was a decent spread. It was a looker back in the day. Here is an older pic that shows what it looked like before being adandoned. 

streetview 2

Here it is today.

streetview 12

According to public records, the house at 1104 S 48th St is a 3,625 sq. ft. is a single family home built in 1925. It contains 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The last listed value was an estimated value of $656,907.

streetview 8

 It is currently zoned as a commercial property and according to public records, has been purchased by a medical company. Which means, the home may be tore down to make way for medical offices some time in the future.

streetview 7
streetview 6

There are very few pictures of the property online. The last pic comes from around 2014. It was a good looking house with a gazebo, three car garage and the obligatory tree tire swing. I would have swung to the limits of that tree!

streetview 5

 As someone who can see potential, I am heartbroken at what this property once was. Seeing old picture above, I can see it being a great place to raise a family.

streetview 10

I can understand to some degree why the property is in the state it is in. According to public records, crime in the area has been on the rise. With the idea of a medical facility going in, crime will most likely drop in the area.

streetview 9

It will be sad to see it go, but one thing you cannot stop – progress.

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The JimShow

***The home owner of this property has contacted us and updated us on this story. He let us know that the house is not on the market, but has NOT been sold. It is still for sale.

The saga continues. We'll keep you updated.

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