So my brother just became a grandpa a couple years ago. He’s proud. His son had a son. He’s 4 years old. Was doing a Facetime call with him when they were playing together. That’s when I heard it – “Hey Poppy! Can we go swimming now?”

Poppy? Did my brother change his name? Was his grandson talking to someone else? That’s when my brother answered, “We will in a bit Grayson.”

I had to meddle. “Poppy huh?” “Yeah, he picked it”, my brother said.

My brothers grandson Grayson

I have noticed this trend as of late. I am a few years away from having grandkids, but I have some family and some friends who are in it. And they are changing the game.

My friend Paul has a couple of Grandkids. Him and his wife prefer “Lolli and Pops” (which to me, sounds like a candy store).

My friend Paul and his Wife go by 'Lolli and Pops'

I asked him, “Why? Just, why?” He laughed, “Cause I ain’t an old grandpa. My grandpa was my grandpa. I am Pops. Plus, it doesn’t make me feel old.” Make sense. This coming from a guy who wears designer jeans and spiked greyish hair. He is the coolest grandpa I know.

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No one wants to feel old. I mean, I am not in the Grandkid game, but it kinda makes sense.

Also, what is that discussion like? When do you choose your moniker? “Mom, dad, I am pregnant!” “Cool! I am gonna be a gumpa!”

I know some of you reading this are or know someone you call or are called Paw paw. Mee mee. Pee paw? Nana. Mawmaw. Mimi. Memaw, or whatever you deem cool to keep the age at bay.

Lisa's Mom Rachael and her Grankids. She goes by 'Tata'


Here are some examples of “cool Grandparent” names. Feel free to use them if you haven’t already.


Geema & Geepa

Oma & Opa

Banma & Banpa

Mémé & Pépé

Grumpa, Tutu & Mim

Goma & Gompa

Gammy or Gamma or Gams.

Grammy or Grammie.

With that said, I was thinking, if Grandparents can have nicknames, why can’t the kids have one too? Here are I few I came up with.






Grandthree (you get it, right?)

Grandpeep (peeps!)

Grandpupa (pupa, like the budding bug)

Grandfant (grand infant)

Grandtod (Grand toddler)

& GrandSpoiled and so on

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I speak from ignorance in this game and will allow those in it, to make the rules. Just for the record, when I do have the honor of having grandchildren, I will insist on using the moniker, “GrandJim”. Because, well – I am grand. And, my name is Jim.

Now, a few years from now, when I do get in the grandparent game, I will use the occasion to further change the game. I will call them “Grandone” for the first grandchild, “Grandtwo” for the second and so on. Why? Cause I can.

And will.


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