I'll be honest, not too much scares me. Then at the same time a lot of things do. When I was a kid I was convinced monsters were going to reach from under my bed and grab my foot. Not weird. I would run down the hallway turning off the lights as I went, sweating because something I couldn't see was going to get me. Not too weird.

Car washes? Yep that's my weird phobia. I get SUPER nervous when it's my turn to steer into the car wash. I know there are people there to guide me in, but what if I over-correct or get stuck somehow? I have thankfully survived every car wash I have gone through, but it doesn't matter. That is my weird phobia and I am sticking to it.

While writing this I asked our digital manager what his phobia is: storm grates. He has convinced himself that he will drop something super important anytime he is walking over one. He hasn't dropped anything, but I suppose that what's makes it a phobia.

Reesha from Mega 99.3 has an eye phobia. When it comes to putting on eyelashes or having someone do her make-up once they are near her eyes she says her whole body freezes and she thinks she's going to die ... she doesn't, but hey that's a phobia for you.

D-Rez from 107.3 said his phobia is ex-girlfriends. I have a feeling he might not be alone on that one.

As I was writing this I received a phone call from a friend who would like to remain nameless whose phobia involves white food. Besides ice cream and mashed potatoes they are very wary of it. Imagine a plate full of white asparagus! Eeeeee!

What is YOUR phobia?

Curious if you made the list of 100 phobias?

CLICK HERE ... unless clicking is your phobia ... you never know :)

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