The age-old refrain in Yakima: "There isn't anything to do here," "It's boring here, and we have nothing to do." So where can we celebrate that won't cost us an arm and a leg?

Well, this is the question my family and I have been throwing around since my two boys have birthdays a week apart. WHAT DO WE DO? Justin turned 8 on Feb. 10 and Easton turned 2 on Feb. 17, and since they are so close we have chosen to do their birthdays together. But the age gap posses a slight problem.

Justin is extremely active and can play at a center with minimal supervision. Easton, however, needs to be played with and watched at all times. There simply aren't a lot of places in Yakima to accommodate the best of both of them -- at least not a place I have found that won't cost us a nice portion of our paychecks!

So what are parents supposed to do? Where do you take your kids to celebrate their birthdays or other special occasions?

Let us know in the comments below.

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