Looking for a job in the State of Washington? Many people are, and many more will be, in the face of vaccination mandates for state and federal employees, state contractors, educators, healthcare workers, and many others.

The shifting economic times are also providing workers with incentives to switch jobs, take on new careers, and move toward more suitable opportunities. If you've found yourself in one of these situations, where do you begin your job search? To get started, here's a list of the Top 100 Companies Headquartered in Washington State, based on information gathered from zippia.com, that have 100 or more employees.

More of the Top Companies Headquartered in Washington are on the Westside

Not surprisingly, given the sheer difference in population, a vast majority of the companies on the list are HQ'd in Western Washington, with only two Eastern Washington representatives breaking into the Top 25. Check out the list below, with information gathered from zippia.com featuring the Top employers in Washington who are based in Washington. See what the top businesses are, where they are based, and how many employees they have.

                                                                      Gallery Credit: Brian Stephenson

Washington State's Top 25 Employers With the Most Employees

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