It's probably a question you've NEVER been asked ... until now lol. Which do you prefer; A good sunrise, or a good sunset?

For me, I dig the sunrise. The air is just so crisp early in the morning, it's the start of a new day, and just like Dierks sings in his latest song "Living"; "This mornin' I got up at 6:01, I walked out and saw the rising sun, And I drank it in like whiskey." I just love a good sunrise so much. Just look at this pic! It's a picture of a recent Selah sunrise.

Maybe I'm biased though... I've been waking up with the sun for over 14 years doing morning radio. I rarely see a good sunset as I'm fast asleep by then.

I also love the sunrise in Vegas. Typically in Vegas folks sleep in until 10am or later... but me? I love getting up early, breathing in the crisp desert air and walking the, pretty much empty, strip.

We posted a poll on Facebook recently that posed the this same question; Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset is the favorite.

We discussed on the show Wednesday morning. Take a listen.

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