Last week - something happened to me twice - that had never happened to me before.

I’m at Ace Hardware on Tieton last week walking to my car when a guy rolls up and asked me what time it was. Now, in my experience, when someone asks for the time, it usually means something else is a comin’. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and said, "Sure. It’s 4:11."

That's when the inevitable happened.

"Is it alright if I could use your phone for a minute to make a call?"

I didn't know what to say at first - I mean, I want to help, but - Covid.

Further, do I really want a STRANGER touching my phone? I looked at him and said, "I wish I could. I cannot right now. Enjoy your day."

He scoffed and walked off. I got to my car and was processing what just happened. Honestly, I felt like a jerk, cause I am a giver. But, COVID.

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Then yesterday, I was at the west side Walmart in the garden department. An older man was struggling with his cart - so I asked if he needed any help. He said no - but asked - "Can I use your phone?"

Again? REALLY?!?

AM I being punked?!? I actually looked around for cameras. No, really. I did.

I asked - "What for?" He said he wanted to call his daughter who was in the parking lot to tell her to pick him up. I said - "How about you give me the number and I’ll text her?"

He said “Thank you.” He seemed genuine. I told him I sent the text and since we were both in the garden department, I would let him know when she would got back to me. Again, he said thank you. I shopped a bit keeping an eye on this guy. After a few moments passed by, I noticed he was slowly headed to the parking lot. I never got a text back from anyone one that. Still curious though how legit it was.

Mmmmm… (this is where Jim ponders what is really happening. As in great, now some Russian hacker has my number).

I completed my purchases and headed to my car just waiting for another stranger to jump outta the car asking to use my phone.


Has this ever happened to you? Would you let someone in need use your device?

Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy helping people. I also know there are those who take advantage of people like me. So I am gonna be even more vigilant moving forward.

If this happens for the third time this week, I am going to take advantage of this and play the lottery. Cause you know - odds.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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