I am not unreasonable – I just don’t want to find my dinner on the ground. Do you feel the same?

Earlier tonight, we ordered a pizza for delivery after a long day for everyone. Sometimes, you just gotta have pie.

I ordered with what was proudly posted, “Now with Contactless delivery!”

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So I got back to work (hey, these articles aren’t going to write themselves – at least not yet) and waited for dinner to arrive. It was scheduled for a 6:51p delivery. So, I was surprised when I heard the familiar DING DONG of my doorbell 30 mins early. “Dinners here!” I yelled as I ran from my desk to the door. I got there and found my pizza pie – sitting there - on the ground.

Mmmmmm…   …I have feelings about this.

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As you can see, it was still in the box, ready to eat. But, finding it on the ground was puzzling. It was unnerving. Seemed a bit unsanitary. Weird.

I picked it up and brought it into the kitchen. Opened it and it looked amazing. But then again, it was on the ground. On the cement. I could not shake it.

So, what were the options to leave it? Well, they could have left it on the bushes, but I am sure bugs would have a visit. Not the best option. We don’t have an outdoor tables or any furniture to leave food deliveries on.

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So it seems, there was no choice. I mean, you can’t nail pizza to your door. And contactless delivery doesn’t allow for the pizza pass off, so what do you do? The only choice, leave it on the ground.

As uncomfortable as I was about it, I see how the pizza dude/dudette had to leave the pie on the ground. I get it.

So, how to solve this problem? Shall I go out and buy a front porch table for such occasions? A table for this to "land"? There has to be a better way.

GP 4

Enter, the C Table.

I got this from the At Home Store in Union Gap. I got it since I laptop in the afternoon and evenings (which I am currently doing right now), to help me be productive. It’s called a C table because of it’s shape. It’s basically the new TV Tray of 2020.

GP 1

So, from now on, I will be placing my C table on my porch to land my ordered food. That way I keep it from being grounded.

By the way, the pizza was great. I tasted no concrete what so ever.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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