Seahawks Assemble!?!? 

 It looks like everything in 2020 is doing all it can to continue to NOT be normal. But then again, what is normal in 2020?

The latest is Coronavirus expert DR. ANTHONY FAUCI. He is recommending the NFL season should not happen this year, unless the players are closed off in a "bubble" from the public. Sort of like how the NBA is planning on finishing its season. 

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

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He says social distancing is near impossible with our current model and fears of spread within a confined setting. We also know that things like yelling and singing amplify the spread of COVID. Both of these happen at games on the reg.


There are some questions we are asking this morning.

NFL players / Seahawks  are some of the fittest people on the planet. Their immune systems are at their optimum. Most are under 40. And the contact with fans is near zero. It’s outside.  This puts the players in a lower risk category. Is it OK for them to play knowing they are lower risk?

Why isn't this voluntary? Shouldn’t the players decide for themselves in their own interest? 

Is this a situation where if you are scared - stay home? Or is it a situation where everyone should just say home? 

Let's hope the NFL and Seahawks comes to an agreement for 2020 play because we need some football in our lives.

In the meantime, check out the new proposed COVID 19 Series Helmet. This could be the future of the NFL. Would the 12th Man Wear it?

Are these "COVID-19 helmets" the wave of the future in the NFL?

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NFL players might sport #COVID19 helmets this fall ... What do you think?   

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