In case you missed it, Yakima’s Zach J is once again featured on season 16 of ABC’s Bachelorette. Episode 3 is tonight.

Full disclosure - I loathe this show. I cannot stand it. I am only watching due to Zach J being featured on the show. If you love it, more power to ya. With that said, allow me to catch you up with the dung pile that is The Bachelorette.

As I explained previously, I have a friend who works with the show and has some insight into tonight’s episode. I won’t give spoilers, but will give you points of interest as we follow Zach J’s progress pursuing this seasons Bachelorette, the very unlikable Bachelorette, Clare Crawly.

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Zach’s most notable moment so far was episode 1 where he introduced himself by fake proposing with a farting ring during the premiere. Ugh.

Zach J looked good as he was the voice of reason during some “drama” that happened (imagine that, drama on this show) during episode 2. So we had high hopes for him moving forward.

Tonight, it’s episode 3. Here’s the good news – Zach J finally gets some precious screen time as he and Clare get a one-on-one date (lucky him?). Apparently they go to a pool/spa for some time to get to know one another better.

That’s a good thing. Like you, I am hoping to see how Zach J represents Yakima proper.

Ok, here’s the bad news – my source tells me the date is filled with some “massive drama”. ABC is promoting the episode as “Zach J.’s inability to relax might end in disaster.” Word is, it will be a “polarizing episode.”

Does Zach J act inappropriate? We hope not. Does Clare make a big deal out of nothing (imagine that)? Will she be credible? Will Zach J be credible? We’ll see.

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Jesse Grant

Regardless of what happens, Clare Crawley is really coming across as unlikeable. So tonight’s episode may give us more insight into the rumors of her being replaced on the show.

I for one, would be good with that.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC @ 8pm Tonight


All Our Best To Zach J Tonight,

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