Every election cycle I get e-mails and phone calls on how to vote on certain matters. I'll leave the controversial stuff to you and your secret ballot. But there are always a few items that need further explanation. For example Senate Joint Resolution No. 8223 which relates to UW and WSU and their investment policies. The Legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on investments by the University of Washington and Washington State University. This involves you because a state constitutional amendment requires a vote of the people. Click this link to better understand the arguments on both sides of the issue, I found it pretty interesting and it did help me decide how to vote.

The other ballot measure is Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8221. The Legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on implementing the Commission on State Debt recommendations regarding Washington's debt limit. You should read the arguments for or against and then cast an educated vote. I know this stuff sounds boring, but it will have an affect on our state and change the way things are allowed to be done. Anytime you amend the State Constitution it's a big deal. Happy Voting!

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