It seems that no matter who you are, where you work, what neighborhood you reside in or what you're doing during this pandemic craziness, you're either asking or interested in hearing the answer to the question: 'WTF Just happened in Yakima?'

Yes, it's another Facebook Group Page I've discovered recently. Perhaps you have too, but if not, I highly recommend that you find it and join in. There are posts that run the gamut there -- people needing help to find something that's been lost:

Via Facebook

Boy, I hope someone helps out and finds that money. If you know something about it, get on Facebook and find that post on the WTF Just Happened in Yakima Group Page.

You'll see posts with everything from reports of lost or found items, pictures and reports of fires or other 'breaking news' kinds of happenings - and often more information or explanations about the incidents. Everything from stalled motorhomes being pushed,

Martha Gumm‎ WTF Just happened in Yakima? via Facebook

To reports of smoke from a not-too-distant-fire,

Heidi Henderson‎ WTF Just happened in Yakima? via Facebook

Even a helpful tip for where to find fireworks (not that you can shoot them off in Yakima)

Laura Terrazas‎ WTF Just happened in Yakima? via Facebook

'Merica! Gotta love it. Hopefully, you have a friend in Granger who has lots of room!

And then are many people sounding off with updates, first-hand reports, more pictures or eye-witness accounts or even just 'wow' comments. As always, be careful what you take for gospel, no matter where you are on the internet (except here on our website, we're always perfect - haha).


Life here in the 'Palm Springs of Washington' is just a little better, with the Facebook Group known as 'WTF Just happened in Yakima?'

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