Homeless people in Yakima who live in their RV's will soon have a safe place to park and hook up to electrical service.The Yakima City Council this week approved an amendment to the lease agreement with Grace City Outreach to allow Yakima's Camp Hope to provide RV spaces with electrical hook ups, the construction of tiny homes/pallet shelters in phases, and make two additional connections to the public sewer.

The council is working closer with officials at Camp Hope

The council had previously discussed using a city parking lot to create a secure parking lot for those who live in vehicles. People will now have the option of parking the RV at Camp Hope and following Camp Hope Rules.

The city will talk about a regional crime approach during a future study session

Also on Tuesday the Yakima City Council briefly talked about a proposal by the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments to create a Regional Crime Center where cities and the county would share resources and information to fight crime. The city tabled a full discussion on the issue and has directed staff to create a date for a future study session.

Don't miss our conversation Friday morning on KIT

YVCOG's Vicki Baker and Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic will be on KIT at 7:45 am Friday to further discuss the crime center proposal and how it could make a difference in the fight against crime in Yakima. The city also set April 5 for a public meeting to talk about a draft redistricting plan in the city. The council is now contemplating adding a third Latino majority district in the city as the council continues to look closely at how to create fair voting throughout the city.

You can watch the council meeting online

Click the following link to watch on-demand Y-PAC coverage of the March 15th Council regular meeting - Yakima City Council yakimawa.gov
The March 15th Yakima City Council regular meeting also airs on Yakima Public Affairs Channel (Y-PAC), Charter Spectrum channel 194. Scheduled air times include 7:00 pm today, Thursday, March 17th.

The next meeting for the council is set for March 22

The City Council’s next meeting is a study session on Tuesday, March 22nd, at 5:00 pm.
The meeting will be held in Council Chambers and remotely via Zoom. It will air live on Y-PAC and be streamed live on the City of Yakima website at https://www.yakimawa.gov/council/live-stream/

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