Was on WTF Just Happened In Yakima Facebook Page this morning and saw a story that grabbed me. It’s the story of the loss of a gift from a departed friend.

Her name is Kassie. She is a nurse Yakima. In 2018, a dear friend of Kassie gave her a bike. It’s Specialized Bike. That’s the brand name. It’s a higher end bike and great gift. It also is sentimental as her friend passed away last year. Now, she is searching for it. This is where you come in.


We are asking you to keep an eye out for it. The sentimental value is at an optimum as this is one of the few things Kassie has left from her departed friend.

Kassie last saw the bike yesterday evening. It has an aftermarket cushioned seat on it. The Specialized writing has a pinkish color on it.

It was last seen in the Nob Hill Area and S 3rd St area. We are asking those on this page to be please be on the lookout for her property as a gift like this cannot be replaced.

It must be frustrating having something stolen where the sentimental value is not understood nor appreciated. This is Kassie’s last link to her dear friend and we would appreciate any help you can give to this effort. So if you see a black Specialized bike, reference the picture and please contact us or Kassie on Direct Messenger.

We appreciate all your help on this. I know the fine folks here in Yakima will step up to help Kassie find something that is more than a bike - it’s a connection to a friend and should be at it’s proper home. Let's make that happen and show others that Yakima is a great place to live despite those who choose to make it otherwise.

Thank you in advance!

All Our Best,

The JimShow

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