Yakima Police are investigating a shooting reported Wednesday morning in the 300 block of North 1st Street. When officers arrived at about 7:30 am they found a 25-year-old man who had been shot in the abdomen. The man, who has not been identified was taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital in critical condition but police say the man is expected to survive.

Police say the shooting was not gang related

Police say the shooting actually happened in the 800 block of North 1st Street but no suspects have been arrested. The shooting is not believed to be gang related. An investigation continues today. Police are asking if any community members have information about the shooting, please call Detective Saldana at 509-576-6562.
Yakima Police say despite a lack of officers and the amount of gang related crime in Yakima crime is still trending down in Yakima.

Police say they expect another downturn in crime this year as well

In fact crime was down across the board in 2021 and police expect another downturn this year. Capt. Jay Seely says overall crime was down 8% last year when compared to 2020. More specifically Seely says aggravated assault was down 17.4% and robberies down 30% in 2021. He says that's great news when you look at crime rising in other parts of the state. Seely says the key to dropping crime is the involvement of federa agencies. The department in 2020 worked with the Yakima County Prosecutors Office and federal enforcement agencies and the US Attorney. By working with federal officials and charging some crimes under the federal system those who are convicted face longer prison sentences. Seely says that partnership with federal authorities is paying off with lower crime rates for the city of Yakima and he expects crime numbers to drop this year as well.

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