I'm sure you're wondering why your first paycheck of the new year was cut short. You can thank Congress for that extra deduction. We are all realizing the effects of a 2 year old payroll tax break that expired, which puts some of us in Yakima in a bind.

Claire Biggs of Yakima said "It's just painful." When I asked the Mother of three what she would cut back on she said "there's nothing else to cut back on."

Like most people who budget or live based on how much money they take each pay period, that amount is guaranteed to be less. With prices going up on basic household items, it means now it's time for tough choices for most Americans.

Maybe you're thinking like I am...I wouldn't have a problem with the deduction if the extra money being taken out was going to fix the problem or get us out of debt, but that's not the case as far as I can see.

The countdown is on now, and those in Washington DC need to do their job and get our great nation back on a sustainable track STAT!