So I saw this post on the Facebook site ,‘WTF In Yakima’. It’s a community site dedicated to happenings around Yakima Valley, community events, crime trends, questions and general information. As a new Yakiman, I have found this site helpful.

This is exactly what it was made for – suspicions of late night door-to-door sales people in the Yakima Valley. Last check there were over 320 comments on this post. Many had some sort of contact with the door knockers. Read the text of the post below.

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Naomi Adams

“Anyone else have 2 women show up at an odd time of night wanting to clean an entry way or hallway? Two women knocked on our door around 9pm. They said we were the last stop of their night and handed us a small bottle of pinesol. They said they were training and wanted to see if they could clean at least the entryway. I said we were putting our kids to bed. They had a box that appeared to be maybe a small vacuum or something. One was in her 20s, white with blonde hair just above the shoulders wearing a dark shirt and jacket and a choker necklace. The other told me she was 31. She was Asian with long black hair. Her shirt was black. Overall it was very strange.”


Here are some of the responses...

Kayla Jessup

Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon! Except it was a young man and he gave me the pine sol asking if I needed my entry way clean. They were driving a white van as well.

Echo Marie

.. the same 2 came here.. they are legit annoying as heck but legit! I can't remember the name of the vaccuum they were selling it was $3200 tho.. lol..

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Mary McBride

Hmmmm..... a white van at 9pm, wanting to randomly clean an entry way for no legit reason other than, "training"........ummm. yeah, i think they might have been seeing if someone was home and had a different "cleaning" in mind.

Jen Jen

Yes this happened while I was at my friends house twice yesterday. First a girl was by herself and the second girl came just after dark. This happened by viola ave and S. 32. It didn’t feel right.


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Nia Malika Brown

Kirby has their own cleaning products why would they be using Pine-Sol??? IDK the whole thing just sounds weird.

Rob Leaming

Hey, does this cleaner smell like chloroform?



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So is it legit? If this isn’t a scam, it certainly is a bit suspicious.

A search of the Yakima Police Records do not show any arrests or detainments pertaining to these recent incidents. But it’s always good to be on guard.

The Better Business Bureau gave a warning to Yakimans a couple years ago about door-to-door sales incidents.

"Get the company's information. Ask for a brochure, ask for that representative's name, a phone number where you can reach them, a business card," said Chelsea Dannen, spokesperson for the BBB serving Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Montana. "They should have all of those materials available for you, if it's a legitimate company."

So far, no incidents or robberies have been reported associated with these, but it’s better to safe, than sorry.

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