I'm a Seahawk Fan. Have been since 1977. But alas, the Hawks had a few too many hiccups this season and, consequently, are not in the NFL playoffs.

So, my choice was this: do I root for nobody in the NFL playoffs, since the Seahawks are out. Or, do I pick another team, for a post-season affair? I, for one, have chosen the latter. That mistress, er, team, is the LA Rams.

Who Should Seahawks Fans Root for in The Post Season?

Here's how it came down for me. I'm not invested in any other team than the Seahawks. This means I don't have the passion for any other team and quite frankly could happily go through the playoffs all the way to the Super Bowl not rooting for anyone and just hoping to see some championship-grade football. However, I do like having a dog in the hunt, so to speak. So, for me, the choice was clear. I'm going to root for the LA Rams. Why? Because Yakima's own, Davis High School Graduate, Eastern Washington University legend, and current Ram, Cooper Kupp is on the team. Cooper recently captured what is known in the NFL as the 'Triple Crown'. That is, leading the league in pass receptions, passing yardage, and touchdowns. That's some very rare air he's breathing. So, local all the way for me. Go Rams and go, Cooper Kupp!

LA Rams Beat the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 34-11

The Rams absolutely manhandled the Cards tonight. The score doesn't indicate just how firmly the Rams dominated the game. It's now on to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers and legendary QB Tom Brady. It would be amazing for Cooper Kupp to get to the 'BIG GAME", since he was injured the last time the Rams were in the Super Bowl and he didn't play. Also, Matthew Stafford, the Rams QB, was acquired in an off-season trade with the Detroit Lions. He's languished in Detroit for years, a good quarterback on a perennially bad team. For Stafford, who set a single-season franchise record this year for passing yards, it would be wonderful to make it to the big dance.

Cooper Kupp Performance vs Arizona in the NFL Wildcard Game

Cooper was, as always, amazing. He finished the game with 5 receptions for 61 yards, averaging 12.2 yards per catch and scoring one touchdown.

Who Do The Rams Play Next?

The LA Rams travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers this Sunday, January 23rd at 12:00 PM Pacific Time.

Yakmia's Cooper Kupp & The LA Rams Beat the Cardinals

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