This is truly a story of a 'Good Samaritan' or, shall I say 'Good Yakimanian'? Either way, it's the unlikely happy ending that many in the Valley were only hoping for last evening.

This is an update to an article we published last evening, which was celebrating a fun, local Facebook Group Page called: 'WTF Just happened in Yakima?' - founded by Mr. David Orona - and it has garnered quite a following.

One of the highlighted posts in the article, as an example of the kinds of things you might see on the page, was the story of a man who lost a large amount of cash and his daughter was trying to get the word out to help him get it back.

Lorinda Howerton, posted a plea for assistance to find the 'envelope with cash' that her Dad had either lost, or had stolen from his vehicle, earlier in the day. Lorinda says:"my sister and I gave him $500 for Father’s Day so he could get his boat and trailer licensed when fishing opens up and go on as he put it “One last fishing trip”. He found my brother on the floor dying on January 21st and has emotionally struggled ever since so we hoped he could go on that fishing trip."

That $500 and one additional $100 dollar bill were in an envelope for a total of $600. Somewhere during a trip to the bank, Lorinda's Dad discovered the money missing. So that's when she turned to the FB Group page for help in tracking it down - in case anyone had found it.

Honestly, I wasn't holding out much hope, but you never know. Plenty of very awesome people began to contact Lorinda and offer to chip in some cash to make up for the loss. Then, by some miracle, when Dad went out to the mailbox this morning, along with the days' mail was, you guessed it -- the Cash in the envelope and even his deposit slip.

Needless to say everyone is thrilled and humbled by the kindness and generosity displayed by so many. Lorinda says: "Some people had already donated so I returned their money to them. One friend of ours from church insisted that I keep the money that she donated which was $50 and give it to my dad anyway."

With so much disappointing news during such challenging times, it's stories like these that remind us how important it is to truly care for one another - and keep the faith. #YakimaProud

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