I Can't Drive 55! America's only true sportscar is coming to Yakima! 58 years of driving excitement! Starting to daydream aren't you! I tell tell by the watering of your mouth.


Just a little history lesson...It was name after the small, maneverable british warship.....and celebrating 58 years of fun!

OK Corvette Lovers! VETTE-A-BRATION IS HERE! Friday 6/10, Saturday 6/11 and Sunday 6/12 at Sarg Hubbard Park starts at 8 for registration. Food, drinks, door prizes, wine runs, mystery runs. This is a car show you won't forget! Go to www.yakimavalleyvettes.com for registration information. Hope to see every there! 

If you got a vette,  get in contact with the Yakima Valley Vettes.

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