Can you help the homeless in Yakima Today? The Yakima Union Gospel Mission is reaching out through email and snail mail again this month as we approach the month of April and the Easter Holiday to ask Yakima for help to help the homeless.

Mission officials say just $2.07 cents will be enough to purchase a meal

Mission officials say thousands will go to bed hungry tonight in the Yakima Valley but you can help. Mission officials say "hunger ends and hope begins here at Yakima Union Gospel Mission. You can provide a meal this Easter season - the first step toward change for a hurting, hungry person - for just $2.07. Give now to make sure vulnerable men, women and children in Yakima don’t go to bed hungry tonight. Your gift will share meals to fill their stomachs this Easter and hope to fill their hearts all year long!"

The mission will provide more than 9,000 meals just this month

Yakima Union Gospel Mission officials expect to provide 9,700+ meals just this month. That's a lot of grocery shopping. That's where your help is vitally important. Mission officials say a little help goes a long way. If you want to give food directly to the mission you can help today by donating canned goods and nonperishable food to the Yakima Union Gospel Mission located at 1300 North 1st Street. You can also send a donation through the mission website at

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