Zac Brown made his way through the Northwest over the weekend, and one of his stops was none other than the Gorge Amphitheater. The Jekyll & Hyde Tour that features opening act Muddy Magnolias left Central Washington concert-goers wanting more Saturday night.

But great music isn't the only thing the Zac Brown Band packs along when they travel. This trip, they're carrying some world-class food, thanks to Southern Ground Executive Chef Rusty Hamlin, who's along for the ride.

Chef Rusty has his own custom kitchen inside a large semi, shops at local farms for as many ingredients as possible and spends the day preparing a seven-course meal for the Eat-and-Greets at each Zac Brown Band show. Using some of Zac's personal recipes, about 100 fans were treated to an incredible meal served by Zac and his band this weekend.

And Chef Rusty knows how to stir the pot onstage, too. "Give me an I ..." he yelled to the Gorge crowd before he opened the buffet line. "Give me an E ... What's that spell...? IIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!"

Going through this experience, I thought to myself "This guy needs his own cooking show." As Chef Rusty made his way around the tables I mentioned my idea to him. "That's funny," he laughed, "because I debut my own TV series next week."

His new venture has even been featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

From Zac's recipe of smoked pulled pork to chocolate peanut butter bread pudding, it was all delicious. Chef Rusty even found local tomatoes and cucumbers to make a balsamic salad. Chef Rusty brought the eats along with a ton of personality to create an evening I'll never forget.

In this exclusive interview, Chef Rusty explains the Eat and Greet concept and how it came to life. He also talks about his Southern roots and how that influences his cooking. And he talks about his new show, "Rusty's RockFeast," which debuts on the FYI network July 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

Here's a little taste:

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