My son Benjamin had his 15th birthday party this past Saturday with the theme Cinco de Mayo. I was worried and a little stressed about the whole boy/girl party thing.

It was really successful and I think the kids had fun? I think the key was the fact that we kept them busy. They had a water fight with water balloons and squirt guns. They did an egg toss and I got a pinata, which I figured high school kids would think was a little stupid, but they loved it! When the candy hit the ground it was a free for all! My little Jackson was getting run over by all the high schooler's, but one of the girls gave him some of her candy. They played water pong and I was a little worried that some of the parents wouldn't be to happy that we taught them how to play water pong. Some of the kids already knew how to play and they were helping the kids who didn't know how to play. I didn't feel so guilty about it after that! They made smores and watched a scarey movie. It was more fun watching the kids watch the scarey movie then to watch the movie itself.

I think they all had a great time. After everyone left my son hugged me and told me thank you all on his own! That made it all worth it!