Here are 6 ways to get your husband to do what you want WITHOUT a fight.

1. Offer food - Instead of just nagging him every 15 minutes to take out the garbage. Use a sweet voice and combine it with an offer of food. He will want to do it and even think that he thought of it!

2. Flirt -A little harmless flirting never hurt anything. I'm not saying that you need to dress in a maid outfit just a little flirtation.

3. Say Please - When you say please it turns from nagging and bossing and pushing him around into asking him.

4. Be needy - Tell him that your to overwhelmed or you have to much to do and you NEED help. Show that and he'll want to pitch in.

5. Be grateful - Don't act like it's a big expectation. We all need to pitch in and pull our weight, but if he does something well or above and beyond, compliment him and thank him!

6. Tell him - He's not a mind reader. If you want him to do something that he's not doing than pick a time to sit down and talk to him like a grown up.