Brooke Birmingham is a 28 year old blogger who has chronicled her weight loss in her blog. She lost more than 170 pounds in four years and has kept it off for a year.

Shape magazine contacted Brooke about being part of their "Success Stories" series. "Success Stories" chronicles inspiring stories of real people who have lost weight and changed their lives.

Brooke submitted this "after" photo of herself in a bikini for Shape magazine's website — but they asked her to send another picture of herself in a T-shirt. Brooke questioned the magazine on why they needed a different photo and they said it was policy to show success stories in tees.

Brooke Not On A Diet/Facebook

If you take a peek at Shape's website, though, you'll find that that's not true. There are several women in bikinis.

Brooke felt singled out and after going back and forth with the magazine she decided not to let them use her story.

Shape magazine's rep says that it was all a terrible misunderstanding.

Brooke wants to open up the dialogue about what bodies really look like after extreme weight loss.

I have several friends who have had extreme weight loss, so I'm aware of the extra skin and other issues related to it.

I get that it's about looks, but this is the reality of extreme weight loss.

Do you think Shape magazine should have used the bikini photo?

Brooke Not On A Diet/Facebook