Kidz Bop hit the Yakima Convention Center on Saturday and at first my two littles, Jackson and Shaylee, didn’t think they were going to get to go.

Shaylee's friend Hannah was having her birthday party that day and Hannah's parents had bought tickets for the kids to go to Kidz Bop, but had planned on telling the kids right before leaving for the show.

I had been poking a stick at Jackson and Shaylee all week, saying, "I get to go to Kidz Bop and you don't." Shaylee would give me that look and say, "MOM, that's not very nice! Our friend’s birthday is more important." All the while I knew they where all going and would get to meet the kids from Kidz Bop.

I thought, "Wow, I must be doing something right as a parent if my kids are willing to choose their friends over a show that they REALLY want to go to."

The kids had a blast and were dancing around singing. I love the fact that it's all the songs they love, but without the inappropriate words.