Hi, I'm Michele Mathews and I'm addicted to the missed connections on Craigslist. My addiction may have found a missed connection.

Here's the add -

looking for Kim from the Double Barrel - m4w
Met you last night and would like to see you again. I didn't get your number. Tell me where you live right now so I know its you

Here's the story - My sister in law and I went to the new DB (Double Barrel) on Saturday night. She's here visiting from Texas. When I get to drinking there's no telling what I'll do, so when Kym asked me to find her someone to dance with that's exactly what I did! I marched over to a nice guy and told him that my friend needed someone to dance with and asked him if he would dance with her. He said, "sure." They danced a couple of times and we left.

Then, yesterday I was looking at Craigslist and found the missed connection! I was super excited! All because I found someone I know as a missed connection! I think I need to go to missed connection rehab!