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Check Out Dierks Bentley’s Custom Built Airplane
DIERKS BENTLEY has joined the Mile High Club . . . but not the one you're thinking about.  This is the club of people with enough spare cash to buy their own plane.
Dierks was in Duluth, Minnesota last week picking up his custom designed Cirrus SR22T Xi...
Three Ways Stores Trick You Into Spending More Money
Stores use all kinds of marketing tricks to separate you from your money, and you probably know about some of them . . . like how they put things on the ends of the aisles, even when the sale's not that good.
But here are three more marketing tricks you might NOT know about...
Cle Elum Wild Fire; 900+ Evacuated & Nat’l Guard On The Way
Gunner Jackson and Michele Mathews chatted with Sarah Navoy from KIMA Action News this morning to get the latest on this fire.  Listen to the interview here:
(8/14 4:30pm update) The Seattle Times is reporting that because of how quickly this wild fire is spreading, the fire fight will be from t…
‘Dear BULL-Pen’ Email Of The Day! (Chicken Story)
Here it is, our 'Dear BULL-Pen' Email of the Day!  (Hey!)
This is a story passed onto us and he SWEARS it happened to his daughter.  Here's the story, in his daughters words:
My teacher asked what my favorite animal was, and since my parents told me to always tell the truth, I…