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Should We Invite Kenny the Elf Back? We Are Just Not Sure …
Have you ever had a family member you were unsure you should invite back for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Maybe they hit the bottle a little too hard or caused a scene at the dinner table. Whatever the case may be, we are in that situation now with an old friend of ours. Which begs the question:
Random Acts of … Blondness [VIDEO]
With Random Acts of Bullness, we spread a little love around the Yakima Valley. It could be someone who needs recognition for going above and beyond. It could be a family who can't afford to buy those tickets but really needs a getaway.
A Bull Pen Birthday Party [VIDEO]
Happy birthday to Rik Mikals and Penny, our receptionist. These two share May 29 with celebrities like President John F. Kennedy, comedian Bob Hope and most importantly WWE Superstar Hornswoggle.
Rik took Penny and The Bull Pen out to lunch to celebrate, and he even got to wear a Sombrero at El Porto…
Watershed 2015: Let the Games Begin [VIDEO]
A battle of the ages: Two men with so much passion to earn their way to this summer's Watershed Festival they at the Gorge Amphitheatre are willing to risk their health and safety just to win a pair of tickets to the July 31-Aug. 2 country music blowout.
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Facebook Open [VIDEO]
Rik is taking a few days off and Michele and I decided to have a little fun with our co-host. There are two things you should know about Rik Mikals, one is that he loves comic books and has an awesome collection. The other is that he always leaves his Facebook open in the Bull studio...
Is Rik Mikals a One-Hit Wonder? [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a one-hit wonder? We could go through a huge list and bore you with songs you may or may not remember, but I'll leave that to Rik Mikals.
Rik, who is famous for his music knowledge, takes a short quiz from yours truly to see if he's still got it in the music department…
Return of Becky the Consultant [VIDEO]
Finally, I get some recognition around this place -- and it comes from legendary programmer Becky Brenner, who drops by from time to time to critique our work and keep us on our toes.
Becky was in town again last week, and since we just got word that our ratings are tops among all local country stati…
Keeping Up with The Bull Online
Here is a one stop shop to keep up with all things country in Yakima. We would love to connect with you through our social media sites. I'll even give you the links to stalk Rik and Michele on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the links to get you started.

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