Starbucks Cup Controversy is Questionable in the ‘Reality Era’
Is the Starbucks red cup controversy real? It's amazing how these things blow up out of nowhere and take on a life of their own.
A former TV and radio evangelist lit up the Internet by accusing Starbucks of waging a war on Christmas after the coffee giant rolled out a plain red cup tha…
Oprah Chai Tea Review [VIDEO]
Rik, Michele and Cefus all take a turn sampling the new Oprah Chai Tea that debuted at Starbucks yesterday. Here is what they had to say.
There’s A New Starbucks In Town!
It seems like everywhere you look there's another Starbucks moving in and setting up shop. In fact, in Los Feliz, CA, they just had a dumb starbucks open up the other day. No, literally. The place is actually called "Dumb Starbucks"! It has everything a normal Starbucks has, f…
Best Note on a Starbucks Cup Ever! [PHOTO]
Rik and Michele asked me on the air when I go into Starbucks if they write a note or something cute on my cup every time. I would say that most of the time I get a cute note or something fun, but that's also because I go to the same Starbucks all the time and they know me.
After this short discussio…

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