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Got a Weight Loss or Exercise Tip to Share?
Losing weight and exercise are usually among Americans' top New Year's resolutions, from which the weight loss industry rakes in billions of dollars.
But if you're trying to exercise and lose weight it can be an overwhelming process. With all the health and fitness information out ther…
Help Rik and Michele With Their New Year’s Resolutions!
When New Year's rings in it brings with it resolutions. Some of us make them and some of us don't.
I thought instead of making a New Year's resolution for myself that it would be a little fun to have you make a New Year's resolution for me. Heck ... let's throw Rik into the m…
Do You Buy Christmas Presents for Yourself?
You're out Christmas shopping, wandering through a store searching for the perfect gift when out of the corner of your eye something shiny and blingy catches your eye.
You veer straight toward the item. When you reach it you discover that while it would be the perfect gift for a certain person o…

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