Ultimate Warriors Untimely Death Shocks The Wrestling World [VIDEO]
Bring a huge WWE fan it was like reliving my childhood watching the Ulitmate Warrior take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. This was the first time Ultimate Warrior had been back to WWE since he left the company in 1996. Triple H should be given credit for bringing Warrior back to WWE. The…
John Cena Gives Yakima Woman The Best Birthday Gift Ever [PHOTO]
Jessica Buckner of Yakima posted this on Facebook shortly after her birthday weekend came to a close.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had the best birthday 'weekend' in the world! I got to relax, eat cake, watch a lot of live wrestling where I got hugs from CM Punk, and kisses from Jo…
Ex-WWE Wrestler Batista Makes MMA Debut
Former WWE champion David 'Batista' decided to quit the theatrics of the world of pro wrestling and try his hand (and other parts of the body) in the octogon as a legit MMA fighter. How did he do? Let's watch here:
WWE Raw World Tour Rocked The Sundome!
WWE's Raw World invaded the Sundome on Saturday night and 92.9 The Bull was on hand to hook you up with meet and greet passes. A bunch of lucky Bull listeners had an exclusive meet and greet with

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