Last week we talked about the missed connection on the Yakima Craigslist from our Kate Turner concert at the Downtown Summer Nights.

I was hoping to help the guy out and make a love connection!

He posted a nice response. Check it out -

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Kate Turner Concert
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A shout out to a lady with a nice gesture in mind. And hopefully a little publicity in return for your kindness! I could have at one point just walked up to her and talked to her, "But" I like to leave certain things to "WILD CHANCE"
It could be that this lady saw this ad and wasn't interested, or she may have been in a relationship. More than likely she's texting. I guess there was an underlying message equally important to those that spend their entertainment time wishing they were somewhere else or with someone behind the text. Your life is passing you by and you may have missed out on an irreplaceable someone just by living vicariously through the person on the other end of the text. Set the phone down and live in the moment! Thanks Michele, but the time has passed for this connection. Maybe at another event, she'll walk straight into me not paying attention, as she's texting of course.