The Sunnyside Lighted Farm Implement Parade was this past Saturday. Cefus and I decorated the 92.9 The Bull vehicle. I haven't been to the Sunnyside Parade since my two older boys were little and I couldn't believe what a huge parade it's become! Jackson and Shaylee rode in the Bull vehicle. They had so much fun waving and Shaylee was yelling, "Merry Christmas." Thank you for the warm welcome and we look forward to seeing you next year.

The Yakima Lighted Parade was Sunday night in downtown Yakima. My little Jackson was so inspired by the parade in Sunnyside that he talked his dad into putting lights on his 4-wheeler and helmet for the Yakima parade. He looked awesome and had a blast handing out candy! My son Benjamin was on his 4-wheeler with lights and an elf hat. Shaylee rode in the Bull vehicle with me waving and yelling, "Merry Christmas." She is sooo stinking cute! Thank you for waving and yelling, "I love the bull." It makes us feel so loved!

Thank you to all the volunteers, parade participators, and we will see you next year!