Hemera[/caption]Guys are not the best at communicating and they can drive us crazy with some of the things they text us!

Here are a few annoying things guys do texting -

Adding LOL after things that aren't funny. Here's an example - "My mom would really like you lol." Is that because I'm funny or because you don't plan on introducing me?

Being vague about any plans.

Him: "We should go get a drink sometime."
You: "Ok, how about Tuesday or Thursday."
Him: "Yeah, one of those nights might work."
You: "Ok, let me know which night will work."
Him: the following wednesday night, "So, you still up for some drinks?"

Not responding for hours, then sending you a "Hellooooo?" message if you take longer than 10 minutes to answer back.

Being sweeter in text than in person. It's great to have a guy text you "I love you", but you need to hear the words.

Only responding with one word text for everything. "Fine, Yup, K"

Abbreviating "your" with "ur." I realize that the abbreviation saves you some letters, but it makes you sound like a middle school kid!

What annoying thing does your guy text?