istockphoto[/caption]I have always LOVED Black Friday, but this year some retail stores are opening on Thanksgiving evening. Walmart announced it's opening at 8pm and Target at 9pm on Thursday night.

We always have a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house and spend time with family and friends that we don't get to see or spend time with often. It does makes for a great excuse to leave early if your family is driving you CRAZY!

Opening on Thanksgiving evening also means that the store employees Thanksgiving Holiday is cut short with their family.

I'm struggling with whether I will shop on Thursday Evening or not? There are some great deals that I could really use and with four kids to shop for every little savings helps. I'm sure my not shopping won't really make a dent in the stores profits. It won't really do any good if I boycott them.

Will you be shopping Thursday night? We can't really call it Black Friday anymore, so now what do we call it?