Rik has a signature ringtone, it's Superman. I love it because then I know who's phone is ringing and not wondering if it's mine when you hear the standard ring tone that everyone on the planet has for their cell phone.

Based on a new survey only 50% of cell phone users age 15 to 30 years old download a signature ringtone. Another poll found that 21% think having a standard ring tone is sooo uncool.

Here is what your signature ring tone says about you -

Classic Rock tune -- you're showing your age, but you get points for figuring out how to change the ringer.

Hip-hop or R&B hit -- you're young at heart, but you're not particularly original.

Old mechanical phone bell -- you're not as funny as you think you are.

TV theme song -- you're not going to impress anyone with your intellectual acumen.

Vibrate or Silent Mode -- you may be the kind of important person who can't afford to waste time answering a phone call right now. Or maybe you just think you're that important. Or you may also be considerate and respectful.

Animal Noises -- you may be a sociopath.