It can be a full time job trying to keep a teenager on the straight and narrow, but it's all for their own good!

This can leave you feeling exhausted and make your teen resentful. It's best to pick your battles and even let your teen break the rules from time to time.

Here are a few rules to let your teen break -

Flunking a math test.
Basically any subject applies here, but don't focus so much on the one test. Focus on them trying to do their best and the effort they put forward. I'm not saying it's ok to get F's on every test, but allow them a break from time to time. We don't want them so stressed and freaked out over every single test!

Sleeping Late
Let your teen sleep until dinner! It's perfectly fine for a teen to sleep all day.

Wearing the same pants for a week.
Teens are usually obsessed with looks, so anything that is opposite of that by all means embrace! If they start to smell then it's time to step in!

Feeling anti-social
Don't force your teen to spend time with the family if they don't feel like it. It's important to show them you value and respect their needs. This helps your teen trust you and will make for enjoyable family time together.

Losing their temper.
Let them yell. This allows them to express how they feel even if it makes you go crazy! It helps them expel the angry, which is better than holding it in. It's not ok for them to hit or hurl insults.