When I think of places to spread a loved ones ashes Lenscrafters is not the first thing that pops into my mind.

To this guy and his fiance it must have held a special place in their hearts.

A man in Florida caused a mall to be evacuated when he sprinkled his fiance's ashes in a Lenscrafters.

The guy walked into the Lenscrafters and threw some white powder into the store. Then he took off running. This caused store employees and passerby's to freak out! They called the police and the hazmat team. The mall was closed for 2 hours until the hazmat team could sample the substance and determine if it was hazardous.

When my husband was younger and before he had a daughter he wanted to have his ashes spread on a stripper pole. He has since changed his mind.

Have you spread someones ashes in an odd place?