Friday The 13Th is supposed to be one of the worst days of the year, especially for bad luck. Some people go to great lengths to even go out on those days in fear something bad may happen to them. Others think this is just another day and people get too out of hand.

Either way, you look at it, superstitions are usually just weird rules we make up in our head under the thought they may protect us if we avoid or do something to combat it. Here's a list of 13 Superstitions for your Friday The 13Th. Remember to take these with a grain of salt and read them for fun, try to not get too carried me.

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13. Avoid Black Cats

This one is an old wives tale saying that a black cat crossing your path can bring you bad luck. As someone who's been around plenty of black cats, I can tell you this is one of the dumbest on the list...and that's coming from me.

12. Don't Spill The Salt

Spilling salt is a big no, no, people believing that the bad luck that comes with this is brought by the devil. The only way to fix this is to throw salt over your left shoulder with your right hand and this will blind the devil.

11. Don't Go To The 13th Floor.

People believe the 13th floor of any building is extremely bad luck, so much so that 83% of buildings in America don't have a 13th floor. People believe this floor has a demonic connection or is used for evil purposes. This evolved into the modern stigma of the 13th floor being bad luck.

10. Avoid Breaking Any Mirrors

Of course, the superstition of breaking a mirror will leave you with 7 years of bad luck. However, some believe doing this on a Friday the 13th means you could double your bad luck or even worse, be cursed for life.

9. Watch Out For Where Your Hair Falls

This superstition is new to me but apparently a much older superstition than I've been on this earth. If you brush your hair or lose a stray hair outside, a bird may use it for nesting material causing you to go bald.

8. Crossing Your Heart While Passing A Cemetary

A bit terrifying of a superstition, making anyone want to do it just in case it's true. When passing a cemetery on foot or in a car it's believed crossing your heart will show respect to those who reside beyond the grave while also warding off evil.

7. Don't Step On Any Cracks

The old curse dates back to the early 1900s, whispers from school children that turned into a game for some were the telling of step on a crack you'll break your mother's back. Be safe for mama on Friday The 13Th and avoid stepping on any cracks.

6. Avoid Getting Your Haircut

I don't truly understand this one but we're too far into the list to stop now. People believe that getting your haircut on a Friday The 13Th could mean losing a loved one in either death or separation.

5. Try Your Best To Not Give Birth

People swear that being born on Friday The 13Th could leave you cursed with bad luck for life. However, Steve Buscemi, Kat Dennings, and my Mom may disagree with you. My Mom has more luck at the casino than anyone I've met.

4. Don't Whistle Indoors

A very old superstition claims whistling indoors on a Friday The 13Th could invite or even summon demonic beings into your home.

3. Don't Sleep With Your Head Facing North Or West

These superstitions originate in China and Africa. In China, it's believed sleeping with your head to the north will bring you nothing but bad luck. Yet, in Africa, people believe sleeping with your head to the west is bad luck. I'd suggest going east or south.

2. Owls Are Messengers For Bad News

An old Egyptian superstition believes that Owls carry messages of bad news. Seeing or hearing an owl may mean someone has some misfortunate news.

1. Don't Sing At The Dinner Table

Sure it's rude at a dinner party but sometimes when I'm eating by myself it makes me wanna bust out into song. The Netherlands however would throw me out in a heartbeat, as they believe singing at the dinner table is singing to the devil or your food.

How crazy are these superstitions, did you buy any of them, or was it all just a fun read? Let me know what superstitions you believe in and maybe they'll make the list next time.

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